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Chimps on the Blockchain!

Launching November 5th at 5PM EST!!!

The Crypto Chimps Crew NFT Project is a project where we aim to create value for all of our token holders. Chimps token holders get access to DAO, Merch Royalties, Full Licensing Rights, and Part of Secondary sales as well! We are proud of our collection and even more impressed by what our dev team plans to implement for every token to maintain and increase in value over time!

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Crypto Chimps Crew

The Crypto Chimps Crew is a collection of 10,000 NFT's generated on the blockchain and minted right here on our site! We plan to provide a great community outlet and value to our token holders!

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Why join the Crypto Chimps Crew?

Minting your very own Crypto Chimp gives you access to the Crypto Chimp community. This gives you a proportion of the voting rights to the chimps liquidity pool, future chimps backed coin drop, adventures/scavenger hunts, and future perks announced with time and presence of opportunity!

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