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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Crypto Chimps Crew?

In order to join the Crypto Chimps Crew you simply have to mint a token, here on our website or via our etherscan token link which will both be live at 5PM EST on November 5, 2021!

How many can I mint?

We allow for a minimum of 1 token per transaction and a maximum of 20 tokens per transaction for a cost of 0.02 Ethereum each.

How to enter giveaways?

All of our giveaways will be ran through the official Twitter and Discord and we will NEVER ask for a seedphrase or password! The only information we will ask for is your public wallet address! Please be safe when responding to DMs even if they are claiming to be part of the Crypto Chimps Crew team.

When are we Dropping?

Crypto Chimps Crew tokens will be available for purchase on November 5, 2021 at 5PM EST! They will remain available for purchase until sold out! Please be sure to check our Discord and Twitter for updates to ensure you are minting from the correct site or contract address! (Mint available on this site!)

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