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Early minters of the Crypto Chimps Crew will have a chance to win one of 10 extra chimps in our first round of giveaways along with 1 ETH!


The first 25% of minted Crypto Chimps will get a chance at airdropped NFTs and ETH as well as early access to future exclusive airdrops or collabs as well as special member perks and additional potential DAO perks.


After 50% of the Crypto Chimps Crew tokens have been minted we will begin setting up the liquidity pool and set up a merch shop in which half of the profits will go into the community fund and benefit all token holders! We buy our Community DAO Bored Ape!


At 75% we will begin assigning Discord roles based on the number of tokens held and create ranks for future drops of tokens and airdrops to all of our holders.


Once we sell out we will begin building our great community together and have our first round of collecting ideas of what to use the community funds for as well as begin reaching out to outside collaborations. We buy our Community DAO CryptoPunk!

Roadmap: List

 Post Mint Roadmap!

Crypto Chimps Crew Collabs

Collaborations are a must to grow brand name and awareness and we will be doing everything we can to get the most beneficial collabs for our team and token holders! This may be in the form of merch, airdrops, ads, or other forms of brand growth.


We will explore yet another avenue of creativity and opportunity for our token holders through community favored airdrops to our token holders!

Intellectual Property

We will use the next few months and years to do everything we can to build the intellectual property of the Crypto Chimps Crew tokens! Every holder has full rights to their tokens for personal gain/profit!


The Crypto Chimps Crew will buy up a plot of land (or many) to help increase our Metaverse footprint!

Crypto Chimps Crew Token

We will allow holders of our tokens to stake their Chimps in order to earn currency to be used in our wold and achieve future perks of being a part of the Chimp Crew!


Post Sellout the DAO will hold a Bored Ape and a Crypto Punk which will also initiate the Liquidity Pool and future Staking!

Roadmap: List
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